Monday, April 17, 2006


Blogger alex said...

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Blogger Neff said...

Hey Darkcloud. I want to ask you about a possible business collaboration. If you get this will you email me at neff (a) Thanks man. Great stuff. Hope you're still working.

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Blogger Narcissus said...

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Blogger tanya said...

my hubby and i are big fans. every once and a while, we go on scavenger hunts around the city to see your work. tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary and the 18th is his b-day. i was wondering if it was at all possible to commission a small piece to surprise him with something that would really nock his socks off. i am a student, so i do not have alot of money, but could totally scrape something together for something like this. we love your signiture clouds and the creative ways that you choose to frame them in different ways. please let me know if this would be at all possible. my email is

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Blogger Sofia Maldonado said...

yo! we doing a wall in Bushwick as my Bday, so halla! ;-)

12:13 PM  
Blogger Kush 420 said...

Hello my name is Cory Gardner
I'm 26,live in Long Island New York,and I consider myself a "lost artist " at the current moment
i want to share my visions with art community and the world yet seem to lack the ability to
take a risk on my art to keep me afloat in the world we live in.
Im interested,inspired and follow your work and i would like to share my blog link of some work
for your opinion.
Any advice,direction,persons to contact,any aid will be greatly appreciated.
thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope to hear from you soon..

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